Fresh Organic Veggies

As people are becoming increasinlgy interested in where their food come from and how it was grown, Nature's Harvest is pleased to provide an alternative high quality food from a certified local organic farm. Our soil and plants are cared for by our experienced crew. Everything is carefully handpicked only when it is at its peak of ripeness and flavor. We take great pride in offering our very best to you. We continue to strive to always have the best flavor while offering a wide variety of produce.  When biting into the produce, you are biting into pure health nothing else. It couldn't be fresher unless you picked it from your own garden.

  • Freshly Picked
  • Locally Grown in Sai Kung
  • No use of synthetically compounded fertilizers, harmful chemical pesticides and herbicides
  • Good Quality
  • Certified by Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre  

 We will launch a new online shopping platform Nature's Harvest Living Platform as from 1 May 2014.  Please place your order on this online shopping platform

Images are for reference only.  Harvest, quality and quantity are subject to weather and season.   Please contact us for our weekly fresh greens.