How to Order

Thank you for your interest in our produce.  We have moved on to a brand new an online shopping platform Nature's Harvest Happy Living as of 1 May 2014.  Nature's Harvest Happy Living is an online shopping with the aim to bring back the confidence we may have lost in food and product safety.  I Our fresh organic veggies are locally grown by our farmers in Sai Kung.  We carefully selected Wuyishan Rock Tea and Sichuan Mianzhu Rosa Damascena Bud Tea directly from the growers who are our friends.   Veggies will be harvest on Thursday morning and to be delivered in the same afternoon.  (Except public holiday).   Cut off time for ordering veggies (with full payment) will be 3:00pm on every Wednesday.  For other non-veggies items, there is no cut-off time and we generally hope to dispatch the goods in 2-3 working days.  There are also other wide range of products for your selection, for your family and friends.  Please check us out on to experience a new shopping platform.  
For customers that may prefer our old method in ordering oganic veggies, please note that the paper system will cease soon and please place your order on our online shopping platform in due course.



Harvest and quality are both subject to weather and season.  Subject to change without notice.