How to Find Us?

How to get to Nature's Harvest?

  • Please go to HKUST main (North) gate entrance first.  You can take MTR to Choi Hung Station and catch mini-bus No.11 to HKUST or to Diamond Hill Station and catch bus route 91 to HKUST.
  • After arriving at HKUST bus stop, there is a gate on the left hand side, next to the mini-bus stop.  Once you walked through the gate, there are two pathways.  One to walk up, the other is to walk down.  Take the route to walk down, which should be on your right.
  • It is a leisure walk down to Nature's Harvest, generally takes around 10-15 mins. 


Is there any parking avaible?

  • Yes, there are a few metered parking spots near HKUST.  We can arrange parking facilitiy for large groups.  Please contact us for further enquiry.


Any other transporation mode to go to Nature's Harvest?

  • You can take a boat boarding at Pak Sha Wan Pier II.  Additional boat fees applied and advanced reservations required.  The boat trip generally takes around 10-15mins.  There are plenty of metered parking spots at Pak Sha Wan Pier.  Sai Kung is Hong Kong's backyard and it gets very busy in Summer, weekends and public holidays. Please note that similar to other piers' parking facilities, you would need to go in earlier for the day to get a parking spot during weekends and public holidays.  
  • Please contact us should you require boat access.

Is the walk an easy walk?

  • If you are a nature lover, it is an easy walk.  However, it still requires some energy to walk back up. Boat access (one way or return) is always a nice and pleasant alternative.